Serving Residential and Commercial
Customers in MA & NH

Serving Residential and
Commercial Customers
in MA & NH

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The Maytag name promises you dependability and worry-free performance. Now, Maytag also promises you extraordinary comfort and impressive energy savings with its air conditioning and heating comfort equipment. Maytag appreciates that your home is your haven, as well as a long-term investment. Enjoy the quiet coolness and heating of your home, secure in the knowledge that you can trust Maytag to deliver year after year.


Stop and think about the importance your heating and cooling system is to your life. It’s nice to know that all you have to do is adjust the thermostat, and you will be comfortable. Like indoor plumbing, your heating and cooling system provides a benefit we love. But love turns sour quickly when we see the cost to repair or replace. And that is why the decision to purchase a heating or cooling system should be a decision that leaves you feeling comfortable all-over. That is why a Maytag is perfect for your home.

Tax Credits

There is a tax credit of up to $300 available on new installations of high efficiency equipment and many utility incentive rebates up to $450 in MA and NH. In New Hampshire rebates are up to $450 on oil and propane forced hot air Maytag furnaces.

Hybrid Systems

A hybrid combines the best of both a furnace and heat pump to heat your home cost effectively and comfortably. Here are the reasons why hybrids are economical:

In markets where furnaces are the dominate heat source, and air conditioners are used to cool in the summer, hybrids make the most sense. Not only can a heat pump cool the home as efficiently as the air conditioner, they can cost effectively heat the home to a specific temperature while lowering the consumers total heating costs for the winter. When the outdoor temperature requires an additional heat source, the heat pump will turn off, and the furnace will take over to heat the home. This is done economically by setting the thermostat to a specific outdoor temperature.